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Bookstore Rental Policy

34 CFR § 668.164 C2C

University of Arkansas Rich Mountain offers a per credit hour rate rental program to our students in an effort to provide affordable and timely delivery of all textbooks and resources for their coursework without any additional out of pocket expense. In  accordance  with  Federal  regulations (34 CFR 668.164),  effective  July  1,  2016,  University of Arkansas Rich Mountain  must  establish  a  policy  under  which  an  eligible financial aid recipient may opt-out of the rental program.

Policy for Financial Aid Recipients

• Financial aid recipients have the option of purchasing books at their own expense from other sources or vendors. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain all course material and textbooks prior to opting out of the program.

• Students wishing to opt-out of the program will have to provide proof of all textbooks and course material to the bookstore manager with the completed opt-out form one week prior to the beginning of class. Students with partial textbooks and course materials will not be allowed to opt-out of the book rental program. Once a student has opted out of the textbook rental program, they cannot opt back in at any point for the semester indicated on the opt-out form. Students may no longer opt-out of the rental program once classes have begun.

• It is the student’s responsibility to review the book list on our website and confirm the title and ISBN number for the current book being used for the course with their instructor, as editions may change frequently.

• Students will be charged a flat-rate fee of $28 per credit hour upon enrollment. Upon receiving official notice that a student wishes to opt-out of the program, the fee will be credited.  It  will  then  be  understood  that  the  College  is  no  longer  responsible  for  issuing  textbooks to the student. In the event that a financial aid refund has already been issued to the student, the charge will not be reversed.